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ESP’s Cast In Place Access® Tile is applied during the curing of wet concrete. When the concrete becomes cured, the ESP Access® Tile is mechanically fixed to the finished substrate and is immediately trafficable.

Step By Step Guide

/ STEP 1
Begin pouring the concrete

Concrete should be placed within a 60 – 80 slump

/ STEP 2
Find the centre point of new ramp

Using a string line measure, find and mark the centre point of the new concrete ramp.

/ STEP 3
Measurements as per AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009

The new ESP Access® Tile should be installed as per AS/NZS1428.4.1:2009 from the face of the kerb.

/ STEP 4
Place the tile gently in wet concrete

While the concrete is still soft, the tile can be placed gently into its proper position.

/ STEP 5
Use a rubber mallet to tap the tile in place

Using a rubber mallet, begin to tap the tile into the concrete starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Ensure that you continue vibrating the tile with the rubber mallet until the tile is flush and even with the surrounding concrete.

/ STEP 6
Use a weight to hold the tiles in place

Weight should be placed on the top of the tiles to hold it in place until the concrete has been set.

/ STEP 7
Create an edge around the perimeter of the tile

Create an edge around the perimeter of the tile using an edging tool. In addition, a mag float is also used to ensure that the tiles are flush with the height of the concrete to eliminate any tripping points.

/ STEP 8
Install traditional control joins & retrace your edges

Traditional control joins should be installed. Finally, retrace your edges and joins. Once the concrete has set, remove weights and surrounding safety equipment to clean the finished product.

Please Note* These images are for illustrative purposes only. It is the installers responsibility to ensure that the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn and that the necessary precautions are taken to meet all safety requirements. All Tactile Ground Surface Indicators must be installed as per AS/NZS1428.4.1:2009. Different substrates may require a variation in installation methods.


Cast In Place Installation Guide


A step by step guide detailing how to install ESP’s Cast In Place Access® Tile.