Stair Nosings & contrast strips are used to define the edge of a step, offering enhanced visibility and safety for all users particularly those with vision impairments.
ESP uses a patented process to produce a range of products that provide a four-pronged solution to pathfinding needs:
  • Step edge contrast
  • Slip-resistance
  • Visibility in all light conditions (Photo-luminescent)
  • Resistance to wear
ESP’s photo-luminescent range of Stair Nosing and Contrast Strips contain pigment phosphors that absorb light energy and re-emit this as a bright glow when the lights dim or go out. Activated by either natural or artificial light, the ESP Stair Nosing products will glow for many hours following activation.
The following products offered by ESP meet National Construction Code Compliance:
  • F63 Series (PL) – Stair Nosing
  • F430s Series – Stair Nosing
  • N3 Series – Contrast Strip
  • E14 Series – Contrast Strip
ESP’s anti-slip material incorporated into the product range is hard wearing and resilient to high volumes of foot traffic. It is produced using durable silicon carbide and can be used indoors or outdoors as they are UV & weather resistant. The following tests have been passed:
  • UL410 standard for slip resistance for floor surface materials
  • AS/NZS 4586-2013 Classification: P5 the highest classification achievable.
Stair Nosing & Contrast Strips can be cut to any length, up to 3 metres. ESP can advise on lengths to allow for expansion and water egress in external applications.
ESP Stair Nosing’s can be supplied nationwide. For larger orders a forklift may be required at the point of delivery to accept and unpack the goods.
Each ESP Stair Nosing and Contrast Strip (SN&CS) is suitable to be chemically and mechanically applied to the finished surface.
Yes, If the luminance contrast between the substrate and the Stair Nosing riser is less than 30%.

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